Mistakes In How To Overcome Blog Adsense Ad Limitation

Mistakes In How To Overcome Blog Adsense Ad Limitation

by Haris Viclates
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Catatancyber.com- The Problem of How to Overcome the Limitation of Adsense Ads is still widely discussed among Blogger Indonesia. The beginning of the problem of restrictions on AdSense ads began to appear around the middle of 2019, at that time before it was widely discussed among Indonesian bloggers it was already widely discussed among Indian and Pakistani bloggers. There was one Pakistani blogger who asked me about the problem of advertising restrictions, about the causes and how to overcome them. But because at that time the problem of advertising restrictions was not so prevalent among Indonesian bloggers, it was very difficult to find references to the causes and solutions to the problem.

Then in September one by one Indonesian Blogger began to be affected by ad restrictions. Including myself shortly afterwards also followed the problem affected by restrictions on AdSense ads. Since then the issue of advertising restrictions began to be widely discussed, and many began to share solutions to the problem based on their respective experiences.

Main Factors The cause of the issue of limiting AdSense Ads itself is not yet known with certainty, there are many opinions about How to Overcome Adsense Ad Restrictions and the causes of ad restriction problems that cause restricted ad unit delivery sometimes Ads appear and more often do not appear at all. As a result income income from Klick Ad also dropped dramatically to 0 dollars with an unspecified time limit.

The Google AdSense team itself also does not provide more specific information regarding violations that result in these sanctions. Just mention that there is an invalid traffic indication or invalid click only. And instructions to ensure understanding of ad traffic, site visitors and the prohibition against clicking on ads themselves and avoid working with parties that are not trusted or have low quality.

For How to Overcome the Restrictions on Adsense Ads as I mentioned above each Blogger has a different experience from the results of each experiment.

Here are 3 description of the Error Ways to Overcome the Limitation of Adsense Ads Blogs that are less precise in my opinion personally, even though there are those who apply it successfully.

1. Remove a Blog from the AdSense Account

In my opinion how to Overcome the Limitation of Adsense Ads by removing the Blog from the AdSense Account is not the right action or step. The problem of blocking AdSense ads can not be overcome simply by removing the Blog from the AdSense account. Evidenced by the large number of Bloggers who tried to do it and at the end it was faced with a new problem where when Add site re-Blog in Reject.

Please note that a Blog that has been aproved AdSense does not guarantee when uninstalled then the add back will be immediately accepted. Most thought and assumed the previous Blog was Aproved meaning there would be no problem if it was removed and it would definitely be easily aproved when it was re-added.

The problem is that many bloggers, in my opinion, do not realize that during Blog monetization with AdSense, it does not rule out the possibility of actions that violate Google’s mild policies. Such as copying part or all of someone else’s blog content, rewriting other people’s content, making content that may be Google’s less useful, modifying templates, and other minor mistakes that are not fatal.

These mistakes if done while the Blog is still Active AdSense will have no effect and the Blog will still be able to be monetized with AdSense. But if the error is made when the blog is no longer Active as an AdSense Publisher, the status will be the same as the Blogs that have never been registered at all and must go through the Review Process.

2. Uninstall AdSense ads that have been installed on the Blog

Removing the AdSense ad code that has been installed on the Blog either manually or automatically in my opinion is not the right action that can overcome the problem of limiting AdSense ads directly. In fact, these actions only take time and make you tired when it turns out that AdSense ad code is installed manually in the article. Just imagine, if a blog already has thousands of articles and the ad code in the article is installed manually, of course it will take hours and even days to remove all the ad code in the article that was posted.

In my opinion removing the AdSense ad code on the blog is only intended to avoid the emergence of empty areas where AdSense ads should be displayed. Due to restrictions on AdSense placement areas will become Blank. The impact of the appearance of the blog will look less tidy and comfortable because of the many empty areas.

For Bloggers who advertise with Automatic code, it might not take much time and it is very easy to return it when the limitation period has ended. But for Blogger who put ads manually for example such as Ads in AMP template user articles that are installed manually, when the limitation period has ended the job of re-installing the ad code will be very troublesome, time consuming and certainly tiring.

3. Hire Certain Person Services To Remove AdSense Ad Restrictions

Hiring the services of certain individuals who offer services to remove the problem of advertising restrictions according to it is a waste and loss even though the cost of services may be for some people not heavy and not a problem. But for novice Bloggers with mediocre finances, of course by hiring the services to remove the advertisement restrictions will increase spending. Actually the problem of advertising restrictions can be cured by itself, with the condition that when the limitation period does not take actions that are out of procedure and violate Google’s policies.

Google itself in every limitation message conveys that it automatically reviews and updates restrictions issues while continuing to monitor Blog traffic. That means that if the blog is not proven to have violated and the blog owner really does not commit violations such as clicking own ads or influencing and telling others to click on ads, there is no need to worry about the time the problem will end on its own.

Based on my experience the problem of limiting AdSense ads can be resolved on its own in a simple manner and there is no need to uninstall the site, remove all ad code and or hire someone else’s services to release the ad restriction problem. All just need process and patience, no need to panic too much and do things that will only hurt yourself.

Enough to do the blogger activity as usual, just think of this problem as material for introspection, maybe there are blog optimization actions that are off track and excessive. Perform regular article updates and periodically to fix blog traffic ad restriction problems will disappear by itself. I can talk like this based on my own experience after my blog had 7 times AdSense blocking ads in a row each month and thank God the problem of limiting ads to a maximum of only about 2 weeks the ad has been able to run back to normal again.

Thus the Beginner Blogger Error Description in How to Overcome the Problem of Restrictions on Displaying AdSense Ads Blogs that are caused by an indication of invalid traffic in my personal opinion.

If anyone feels disagreed and or the description that I conveyed is not true / correct, I personally apologize profusely. And please list the Arguments as additional information or rebuttal through the comments column.

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