The Most Effective Way to Increase Blog or Website Traffic

The Most Effective Way to Increase Blog or Website Traffic

by Haris Viclates
0 comment – Blogs are one platform that allows us to write something we like. In the beginning, blogs were only used by people to write their diaries. But with today’s digital developments many people are using blogs to make money. So no wonder that at this time quite a lot we find people who have a profession as bloggers.

To be able to get income from blogs, we must advertise on our blog. From these advertisements we can get money, but it’s not that easy because we need a blog with high traffic to be able to get a large income. Well, to help you who are just starting to enter the blogging world, in this article we will discuss how to increase blog traffic easily.

The Most Effective Way to Increase Blog or Website Traffic

The amount of blog traffic that we get every day will greatly affect our income. So no wonder that many blog owners who try various ways to increase the blog traffic they manage. Below, there are several ways to easily increase blog traffic.

1. Conduct Keyword Research First

The first and most important thing before writing an article is to do keyword research first. It’s not right if you only rely on personal ideas to write articles. Because one of the most fatal mistakes that blog owners often make is not doing keyword research.

Everyone who wants to find something in the Google search engine will definitely use certain keywords. Keyword research is very important so that the articles we make can be included in the search results. There are several tools that can be used to do keyword research such as Ubersuggest and Google Keyword Planer.

2. Choose Keywords with Low Competition

When you do keyword research using tools then you will find two types of keywords. First there are short tail keywords, this type of keyword has a high level of competition but also has a high search volume. Usually these keywords are controlled by a large website.

While the second is long tail keywords, type keywords have a much lower level of competition, but the search volume is also much less. To make the article you should use more keywords with low competition so that the opportunity to enter on page one of Google is bigger.

3. Make Useful Articles

After you determine what keywords will be used later, the next step is to create useful articles. Articles that are useful themselves are articles that are able to provide solutions to every problem experienced by the readers. As well as providing solutions, articles must also have complete information.

The length of the article also greatly influences the position of your article in search engine results. Therefore you must be able to maximize the number of words in each article. But still the article that you create should not be wordy should be concise, concise and clear so that it is easy for readers to understand.

4. Building Quality Backlinks

Backlink is one part of SEO which until now is still one of the important factors in assessing a blog or website. Quality backlinks will provide great benefits for blogs, such as increasing authority, credibility to our blog rankings in the Google search engine.

Therefore you should be able to get as many quality backlinks as possible. There are several ways to get backlinks from searching for guestposts to buying from backlink services cheap. At present it is not difficult to find backlink services that provide low prices but with competitive quality.

5. Optimizing Blog Loading Speed

The next way to increase blog traffic is to optimize blog loading so that it can be accessed quickly. Google often updates its algorithms, one of which is the provision that loading a blog or website can affect search engine rankings.

Therefore you not only use good and cool themes but also have to have fast loading. Because of course people will not want to wait a long boring loading. Besides fast loading can also increase user experience, which means good for blog development.

Now, that was a few ways to increase blog traffic easily. By following all the methods above, the number of visitors to your blog will increase every day. But of course the above method must be done consistently so that the results can be maximized.

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